15 Facts About The NBA That May Just Blow Your Mind


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  • FantaSupreme
    FantaSupreme3 hours ago

    So you're telling me since players get robbed of MVP shared a Lebron should deserve at least 8 or 9 right now

  • Jamie Emerson
    Jamie Emerson7 hours ago

    How could you not include Rodman on the list - greatest defender of all time

  • Nghbrhood
    NghbrhoodDay ago

    Didn’t realize this was a let’s blow LeBron video

  • kostantinos mixanakes
    kostantinos mixanakes3 days ago

    Yes but in the past teams barely scored 100 points and nowadays scoring 100 is like nothing at all

  • Paul Smith
    Paul Smith3 days ago

    Greg Kite just didn’t wanna steal anybody’s shine

  • KandaPanda
    KandaPanda3 days ago

    Fun Fact: I've gotten a basketball into the net fewer times in my life than Livingston made 3s in his career. not a 'mind blowing fact', but reminder that when it comes to basketball, I blow.

  • Sporer
    Sporer3 days ago

    Greg Kite out here catchin strays

  • Must_Tang Boss
    Must_Tang Boss3 days ago

    I only work hard enough to just about keep my job, nothing more, nothing less. -Greg Kite

  • Patrick Carrillo
    Patrick Carrillo3 days ago

    Greg kite was more of a defensive player than the scorer

  • Patrick Carrillo
    Patrick Carrillo3 days ago

    Mater dei is in Orange County What are you talking about LA County and Orange County are two completely separate areas And it's about an hour in between So saying the Lakers and mater dei High School are in the same City is just factually incorrect

  • LeBron James
    LeBron James4 days ago

    I’ve generated more points then anyone in nba history and im still playing

  • Not MainManMané hth
    Not MainManMané hth4 days ago

    man it's crazy how Zion's hype has died down in just his 2nd season ffs. league needs to do a better job pushing him in the media

  • Antonio Alostati
    Antonio Alostati4 days ago

    You have the best content bro

  • Antonio Alostati
    Antonio Alostati4 days ago

    GOAT conversation over thank you for this

  • K W
    K W4 days ago

    "you like that" - Jimmy Butler

  • Ed Wright
    Ed Wright4 days ago

    Your statistical knowledge of the game is phenomenal..great job💯

  • Burgersworth One
    Burgersworth One4 days ago

    Best hoop channel on the tube👏

  • JoeCnNd
    JoeCnNd4 days ago

    I think lebron wants to at least play a season with his son.

  • sanda386
    sanda3864 days ago

    I have been away from the NBA for basically a year. Completely stopped paying attention since the outbreak. Everything about the league blows my mind. A lot of players are not where I remember them, a lot of players I don't even know and for some reason the Suns and the Jazz top the NBA rankings? Like wtf happened bro?

  • 2130dar
    2130dar4 days ago

    Bruh I don’t even like basketball but your shit is too good to turn off

  • DazCrazy
    DazCrazy4 days ago

    does anyone else feel relaxed by his voice

  • SKlope2poulet GD
    SKlope2poulet GD4 days ago

    I think james harden will have more triple double than 1/5 times more like 1/2 or 1/3 this season

  • nomadman _
    nomadman _4 days ago

    OK, this was one helluva good vid.

  • thisoldman99
    thisoldman994 days ago

    The Steve Kerr thing is a bit misleading since other players made the finals and scored a lot but didn’t win , but great video

  • Thomas Cook
    Thomas Cook5 days ago

    lebron done jordans the goat

  • RL St. Peter
    RL St. Peter5 days ago

    Of course LeBron he is the goat 🐐

    ARR0WMANC3R5 days ago

    I hope Greg Kite one day sees this video.

  • Rio Mendoza
    Rio Mendoza5 days ago

    Assists are bullshit stat the guy getting the assist gets more credit than the guy scoring. Doesn't make any damn sense.

  • Amadou Ndiaye
    Amadou Ndiaye5 days ago

    I love the Bill Russell stat, shows how great he was, not just a guy with a bunch of great teammates that only played 10 teams like people say

  • Amadou Ndiaye

    Amadou Ndiaye

    4 days ago

    @Edis Mehmedali doesn't take away his greatness is my point

  • Edis Mehmedali

    Edis Mehmedali

    4 days ago

    You're right, he had even less competition lol, nba had 8 teams until 61, 9 teams till 66, and then 14 by 69 when he retired. So he had less than 10 teams to play against for the majority of his career lol

  • A Q
    A Q5 days ago

    John Stockton the greatest point guard ever (yes, even above Magic from my Lakers) and truly an underrated NBA player.

  • cory prange
    cory prange5 days ago

    I cant wait to see lukas points created stat by the end of his career.

  • Will French
    Will French5 days ago

    Bro i was literally like where tf is lebron😭😭 and then oh there he is😏

  • Listen2 TheLink
    Listen2 TheLink5 days ago


  • KCH014
    KCH0145 days ago

    This is why I f’n love your channel.

  • The Me Kassa Podcast
    The Me Kassa Podcast5 days ago

    You need a shot at a 30 for 30 🤞🏾

  • Dane Gustafson
    Dane Gustafson5 days ago

    Is there a link to these statistics?

  • Daniel Ally
    Daniel Ally6 days ago

    We know LeBron is the GOAT.

  • Lamar Kuta
    Lamar Kuta6 days ago

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  • GABAGRIS Agris
    GABAGRIS Agris6 days ago

    who is fat lever/????

  • GD GD
    GD GD6 days ago

    Next staT: who farted the most during the nba career?? who is the goat?

  • Black Mamba
    Black Mamba6 days ago

    Facts #16 : The NBA is scripted

  • Form WavZ
    Form WavZ6 days ago

    Who else wants Jimmy to post more? Like if your answer is yes If not then roast me in the comments

  • Babara Zeiger
    Babara Zeiger6 days ago

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    Trishita Gautam6 days ago

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  • Mitsuo
    Mitsuo6 days ago

    These players obviously stand above others in career performance or scoring potential or award winnings but some of the greats that weren't mentioned just shows me how clutch and elite they're performances were. Take Larry and Magic for example. They didn't stand above the rest in this video but they both put their all on the line, clutched up in the finals when it mattered and showed the world that the skill cieling in basketball was something to look forward to. They weren't over 7 ft tall like Wilt and didn't dominate with only their physicality. They put in the work and showed us that any man in the game can rise up and be the best...if he's willing to put it on the line.

  • Chris Webber
    Chris Webber6 days ago

    Finally someone mention Greg Kite 😂 what about Joe Wolf and Jon Koncak

  • Jonah A
    Jonah A6 days ago

    Leave it to MJ to drop 6 40 point games in the finals, and have that be considered an average or maybe even off night. lol

  • sugarz005
    sugarz0056 days ago

    Ummmmmmmmm don't think anyone thinks scottie is a better defender than mike

  • Seb Bray
    Seb Bray6 days ago

    Lebrons stats in points generated seem awesome until you realized Lebron has played 234 more games then Jordan.

  • SosoGaming
    SosoGaming6 days ago

    who avergaes 8 blocks a game? It aint natural

  • Mikhail Carvalho
    Mikhail Carvalho6 days ago

    High school team with an average height of 6'7''?? Well at least now I know why I wasn't picked for my highschool team

  • Demultiplex Dfunc
    Demultiplex Dfunc6 days ago

    Throwing shades at Greg Kite? That is just needlessly punching down.

  • MrValinterama
    MrValinterama6 days ago

    Hi, jxmy, just wanted to say that you make really great and unique content! Thanks for the research and time spent.

  • Kalyan Meka
    Kalyan Meka7 days ago

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  • JustAHooper
    JustAHooper7 days ago

    7:20 hold on was that a eurostep 🤔

  • john doe
    john doe7 days ago

    Lebron is a living legend and people just want to hate on him

  • John Ryan
    John Ryan7 days ago

    Best videos to watch while stoned

  • Deepsy
    Deepsy7 days ago

    Weird that Jokic is not on the list

  • bcvbb hyui
    bcvbb hyui7 days ago

    Wilt chamberlain, the only player who can record 10k blocks and still nobody blinks twice

  • Kev Electric Highway
    Kev Electric Highway7 days ago

    Bill Russell was a far better defender than Wilt Chamberlain was a scorer. It's taking a looooong time for that to sink in.. Because wow just wow

  • marco wolf

    marco wolf

    6 days ago

    Not really true. Even though Wilt led the league in scoring for 7 seasons, he led the league in Win Shares and PER his 8th and 9th season. I took statistics from the 10 seasons they played against each other. I averaged their ranking per season in various statistics. A ranking of 1.0 means that you came in first each season. Defensive Win Shares: Bill(1.1) Wilt(2.9) Total Win Shares: Bill:(5.3) Wilt(1.4) PER: Bill(10+) Wilt(1.2) Wilt was a much better defender than Bill was offensively. So, Wilt was the best player offensively for those 10 years and the second best defender. Bill was the best defender, but way down the list offensively. Wilt was the only one to beat out Russel in Defensive Win Shares for a season.

  • diogo082
    diogo0827 days ago

    Sorry but.. Dumb stats.

  • diogo082
    diogo0827 days ago

    Assist is a fake stat. A silly side pass to another player like James Harden that do all the stuff by himself to make a bucket is considered an assist.

  • bcvbb hyui

    bcvbb hyui

    7 days ago

    I still refuse to believe Jared Dudley can hoop

  • Francisco Jimenez
    Francisco Jimenez8 days ago

    LA and Santa Ana aren’t even the same county let alone the same city wtf? Y’all should just know Orange County is better than LA 🤣

  • Funify II
    Funify II8 days ago

    That’s fake lebron would have kept the ball for his self

  • Samuel Koshy
    Samuel Koshy8 days ago


  • aaliM art
    aaliM art8 days ago

    You trying to get on that NBA payroll.

  • Kendrick
    Kendrick8 days ago

    That Steve Kerr stat was almost useless but still cool cause it got me thinking about the real goat, Patrick McCaw, 3 championships, 3 peat, and a total of 16 points in all 3 finals combined, 5.33 points per chip!!!! GOAT

  • bouytt guyt
    bouytt guyt8 days ago

    The Wilt one is by far the most impressive one this video

  • Grant Clouse
    Grant Clouse8 days ago

    Too bad LeBron is a douche!!! MJ is the goat!

  • Albert J
    Albert J8 days ago

    Cause Westbrook and players lately know the game so well. They play the game differently. Players like Westbrook make it happen. That’s why players give up/shoot ball at the end of periods so it benefits them. So you can kinda say “beating the house”. Helping there stats. Different type of game now. If they played in certain decade or era most likely different stats. Back then it was pass pass pass down low. Now dribble dribble juke shoot. Different game. Idk I’m hammered. Lol shay shumthing.

  • Colin Samson
    Colin Samson8 days ago

    Lebron is like Gretzky you just can’t compare👌

  • bouytt guyt

    bouytt guyt

    8 days ago

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  • Jordan Garduno
    Jordan Garduno8 days ago

    Greg still has more points scored than I do...

  • zzisty
    zzisty8 days ago

    Where’s lebron on that list am I blind

  • zzisty


    8 days ago

    Oh word just impatient

  • Rock girl
    Rock girl8 days ago

    Fun fact: Greg Kite and his wife Jennifer adopted 10 children!

  • john cao
    john cao9 days ago

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  • Iconic Props
    Iconic Props9 days ago

    If you could only find lebron on tinder.

  • Elias Jones
    Elias Jones9 days ago

    I still refuse to believe Jared Dudley can hoop

  • Benny Mill
    Benny Mill9 days ago

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  • Rock girl

    Rock girl

    8 days ago

    the stat up.

  • Dan H
    Dan H9 days ago

    Would love to compare Kerr with Robert Horry with regards to points per championship ...

  • marco wolf
    marco wolf9 days ago

    Jerry West is great, but Wilt had 13 40 point playoff games in his career. 4 50 point games and 9 40 point games. 10 of those games were in his first 29 playoff games which spanned 5 years. Of these, 2 were 50/30 games and 4 were 40/30 games. He then changed his style drastically over the years, but those saying he didn't show up in the playoffs don't know sh*t about basketball. If he wasn't scoring he made up for it with blocks, rebounds, assists and outlet passes.

  • M Frusciante
    M Frusciante9 days ago

    The stats accumulations today are insane. Even w less minutes played! I can't help but feel like the game is just so different that you really can't compare them to pre 2010s'ish. Has anyone done a video on why there are so many more triple doubles and production per minutes played? I know skill and athletic ability have increased, but still that doesn't explain why guys like Westbrook rack them up like it's nothing. He's always touching the ball on every possession or something? Plus there's more plays ran, shots taken? Surely this takes away from the production of his teammates? I don't watch nba today so idk but I'm curious.

  • X-man


    7 days ago

    The reason is because of the offensive friendly rules. After the Malace At The Palace and the 2004 finals low ratings, the league went to clean up the league. They count assists more loosely they moved big men out of the paint, and they call fouls a lot more often.

  • MaestroArtist
    MaestroArtist9 days ago

    7:20 First eurostep in NBA history?

  • M Frusciante
    M Frusciante9 days ago

    1:50 omg. As an old school basketball fan.. That blows my fkn mind.

  • Bigotón Brand
    Bigotón Brand9 days ago

    That Wilt stat is fun and all, but imagine how many of those were goal-tending

  • Forgiven Sinner

    Forgiven Sinner

    8 days ago

    Same goaltending rule then and now.

  • Andrew Jackson
    Andrew Jackson9 days ago

    Bruh I don’t even watch basketball but I watch all your videos 😂

  • Juan Rocha
    Juan Rocha9 days ago

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  • Green Goblin
    Green Goblin9 days ago

    Another LeBron Fan Channel

  • SEB TV
    SEB TV9 days ago

    Hey steph is going to play in lakers

  • Deloneys
    Deloneys9 days ago

    Points generated per game.

  • Nick Wayne
    Nick Wayne9 days ago

    When u were dragging out that first point i just kept screaming LeBron James at my phone until u got to it. I knew he was far and away at the top of that list when u first brought the stat up.

  • nikita nikonov
    nikita nikonov9 days ago

    But where is the real goat a little above Kite= Robert Horry?

  • Brendan Scott
    Brendan Scott9 days ago

    “Favorite players favorite player” nice reference man

  • asioe kiou
    asioe kiou9 days ago

    he made the game look to easy.

  • Sahil Warsariya
    Sahil Warsariya9 days ago

    5:04 so you’re telling me that they calculated defensive win shares at the time of wilt and bill russell, but they didn’t calculate blocks. That’s an NBA fact that blows my mind in itself!

  • Kalidor King

    Kalidor King

    7 days ago

    Lol you're right

  • SupaaDennis2
    SupaaDennis29 days ago

    Mater dei is in Orange County, not LA tf???

  • Are you not Entertained?
    Are you not Entertained?9 days ago

    LbJ=MJ But LbJ first

  • asioe kiou

    asioe kiou

    9 days ago

    Hey man! Can you please make an analytics video about how important is the 3 ball nowadays!

  • CapeVerde Cas
    CapeVerde Cas10 days ago

    Not impressed by Lebron.

  • Squilliam Fancyson
    Squilliam Fancyson10 days ago

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