4 Times Young NBA Players Destroyed Their Idols


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  • ꧁Metis꧂
    ꧁Metis꧂20 hours ago

    As Kise Ryota once said. “Once you look up to someone you’ll never surpass them. So that’s why I’ll give up looking up to you”

  • NorCal Piixlz
    NorCal PiixlzDay ago

    My odds were at about 0% until January 26th 2020 then it went to -10000%

  • Chris Robinson
    Chris RobinsonDay ago

    Quick question, how does Tyler herro look up to Devin Booker when they are like 3 years difference in age LOL

  • M
    MDay ago

    10/10 vid God every time I see Jordan highlights I feel a certain way

  • Octane Street
    Octane StreetDay ago

    This gave me all types of feels.

  • Ray Helsinki
    Ray Helsinki2 days ago

    Had to turn it off at about the 2:30 mark because MJ was "destroying" a guy who wasn't even on the court in 80% of the clips.

  • Tyler Branch
    Tyler Branch2 days ago

    Kobe was the most overrated “superstar” in NBA history

  • Daniel ola

    Daniel ola

    2 days ago

    huh?? how?

  • Luke Richardson
    Luke Richardson2 days ago

    Dr. J, MJ, Kobe, D Book.......... and Tyler Herro😂💀

  • Gene Mitchell
    Gene Mitchell3 days ago

    Great production. Very well paced, very enlightening and enjoyable

  • Mr. Gr
    Mr. Gr3 days ago

    The comparisons are exaggerated. This is not tennis nor any other individual sport

  • BuryTheMaker SilentGrin
    BuryTheMaker SilentGrin3 days ago

    Luka and lebron

  • Not MainManMané hth
    Not MainManMané hth4 days ago

    the Booker & Kobe story was so good man. RIP Kobe

  • YungboiRodney 23
    YungboiRodney 234 days ago

    Brandon Ingram always looks high

  • Pain Issa lifestyle
    Pain Issa lifestyle4 days ago

    today is mamba day

  • Elias Lieser
    Elias Lieser4 days ago

    I bet I could beat Wilt Chamberline right now...

  • bouytt guyt
    bouytt guyt4 days ago

    I still can’t hear Kobe speak without tearing up.. RIP Mamba 🙏🏼

  • Sheelovesdrew Tyb
    Sheelovesdrew Tyb5 days ago

    Is Kobe saying that booker could be in the goat category in a couple years ?

  • Kieran Moore
    Kieran Moore5 days ago

    Just a question, where do you get all the film for the old Jordan clips ?

  • Boy Wonder
    Boy Wonder5 days ago

    Yea Ja Morant and was Westbrook was cool, but you should have done Dam and Rus. Dam idolized Rus before he came into the NBA. That was a huge missed opportunity not showing Dam waving Goodbye to OKC.

  • bouytt guyt

    bouytt guyt

    4 days ago

    Hmm I don't think Dr J would be assigned to guard a SG as a SF for the duration of a game, most of the highlites Dr J wasn't even near him or on the court.

  • g_superson1c
    g_superson1c5 days ago

    7:12 I REMEMBER SEEING THIS VIDEO MAN 😂 had me so confused back then

  • Father Strength
    Father Strength6 days ago

    Ingram used to say melo before Durant

  • Keote' Simien
    Keote' Simien6 days ago

    Russ was hurt during that period right? Can’t wait to see them again when they both 100% that’ll be the passing of the torch game

  • Teresa Hughes
    Teresa Hughes6 days ago

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  • nieooj gotoy
    nieooj gotoy6 days ago

    I still can’t hear Kobe speak without tearing up.. RIP Mamba 🙏🏼

  • qopoy dnon

    qopoy dnon

    5 days ago

    What’s crazy is I remember you saying something about him when nobody knew him and now look where he at😭

  • Daniel Da Rosa
    Daniel Da Rosa6 days ago

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  • qopoy dnon

    qopoy dnon

    5 days ago

    Ja is like drose in 11

  • Guy Doctorio
    Guy Doctorio6 days ago

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  • Jasper Ecb
    Jasper Ecb6 days ago

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  • nieooj gotoy

    nieooj gotoy

    6 days ago

    Y’all remember that guy from the 2019 sixers summer league that played exactly like Durant without a j?? Lol

  • jatin manchanda
    jatin manchanda6 days ago

    nice video

  • Hey Buddies
    Hey Buddies6 days ago

    Russ could use some shooting lessons from Ja

  • Hey Buddies
    Hey Buddies6 days ago

    Sorry man - but this video hurts my heart still, watching Kobe talk about the game... He was such a fascinating man

    GHETTOSTAR 2497 days ago

    Prayers to kobe 😍

  • Davidgreen Leehoang
    Davidgreen Leehoang7 days ago

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  • G 78
    G 787 days ago

    Literally he didn’t score on Kobe none of the plays you showed

  • 34blackula
    34blackula7 days ago

    Hmm I don't think Dr J would be assigned to guard a SG as a SF for the duration of a game, most of the highlites Dr J wasn't even near him or on the court.

  • Chris Juliales
    Chris Juliales7 days ago

    1:53 - Air Jordan LOGO

  • Arya Aryanna
    Arya Aryanna7 days ago

    why didn't you went into details to kobe imitanting jordan?

  • Natalia Lawanda
    Natalia Lawanda7 days ago

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  • Grxcen
    Grxcen7 days ago

    0:43 they just got lighter and lighter 🤣

  • crease king
    crease king7 days ago

    Ja is like drose in 11

  • Dev
    Dev8 days ago

    What’s crazy is I remember you saying something about him when nobody knew him and now look where he at😭

  • Kendrick
    Kendrick8 days ago

    “You didn’t think all these stories would be in favor of the little guy did you?” Title: “young nba players destroying their idols” lol

  • Brian Adjetey

    Brian Adjetey

    7 days ago


  • Kendrick
    Kendrick8 days ago

    Y’all remember that guy from the 2019 sixers summer league that played exactly like Durant without a j?? Lol

  • Jack Bobiek
    Jack Bobiek8 days ago

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  • Mcmika95
    Mcmika958 days ago

    Kobe my bro.....miss you

  • Demetrius Lewis
    Demetrius Lewis8 days ago

    Who told you Kobe looked up to Mike did Kobe?

  • Aaron Beavin
    Aaron Beavin8 days ago

    RIP Kobe man

  • Most Hated Andy4
    Most Hated Andy48 days ago


  • Most Hated Andy4
    Most Hated Andy48 days ago


  • Seann Chambes
    Seann Chambes8 days ago

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  • Jacob
    Jacob8 days ago

    Kevin Durant?????? You mean going to a 73-9 team. He was winless until then. Meaning he wouldn't have a championship without joining the Warriors. Top 5 in the NBA, no doubt. But his legacy will always be tainted.

  • Raí Faustino
    Raí Faustino8 days ago

    That was a good ass video bruh. You the man

  • 박희령
    박희령8 days ago

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  • saif harhara
    saif harhara8 days ago

    Ja went against injured russ but still was droppin buckets

  • xiangdeng he
    xiangdeng he8 days ago

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  • Toton Sordar
    Toton Sordar8 days ago

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    MR BANG8 days ago

    Lets face it, the greatest player who idolize kobe was Kyrie. He's carrying his mamba mentality into his games.

  • Chris George
    Chris George8 days ago

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    Gabriel Minckler8 days ago

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  • Ntuthuko Ndlovu
    Ntuthuko Ndlovu9 days ago

    Great show. For more NBA talk and laughs Subscribe to NoDunks Inc formerly named The Starters from NBATV they got their USplan channel 📺💯

  • nina alinsug
    nina alinsug9 days ago

    Kobe's move? What move? Should say originally MJ's move.

  • Benny Mill
    Benny Mill9 days ago

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  • Tristan Bennett
    Tristan Bennett9 days ago

    Jordan played against no defense💯🤣

  • Kim Scap
    Kim Scap9 days ago

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  • NBA_brody •
    NBA_brody •9 days ago

    Yo I love basketball 🏀 and want to be like lebron

  • Jonathan Thor
    Jonathan Thor9 days ago

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  • DubBoy 29
    DubBoy 299 days ago

    watch, I will get comparisons to Ja a few years for now. Clown me all you want but I will do it.

  • DubBoy 29

    DubBoy 29

    4 days ago

    @Imma Nub Alright I’ll take your advice bro

  • Imma Nub

    Imma Nub

    4 days ago

    @DubBoy 29 go ahead, All I'm saying is if instead of going on the internet and saying you'll get Ja conparisons, go to gym or the weight room to get some work in, not to brag aswell but I have been a D1 Track Athelete at Austin Peay University and it's hard, eventually had to quit due to a hernia.

  • DubBoy 29

    DubBoy 29

    4 days ago

    @Imma Nub I ain’t bragging, I’m just saying bro, my name is Samuel Cayanan best believe that bro

  • Imma Nub

    Imma Nub

    5 days ago

    what's your real name then? I'm pretty sure you ain't making the league of your spending your time bragging on USplan.

  • Shawn Massey
    Shawn Massey9 days ago

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  • Aaron Tillman
    Aaron Tillman9 days ago

    He makes videos and I will watch them over and over again

  • Katarus Jackson [GE]
    Katarus Jackson [GE]9 days ago

    Holy sh*t look at that physical defense on MJ Lol

  • Carlos Solis
    Carlos Solis9 days ago

    Gotta say you upload some great content! Nice video man.

  • Are Ten
    Are Ten10 days ago

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  • Deemz Edralin
    Deemz Edralin10 days ago

    I don’t see Westbrook on the way Ja plays. I see Drose in him.

  • El Maestro
    El Maestro10 days ago

    That feeling when Booker intentionally took revenge on Kobe in 2020 for not showing up at the game.

  • Shivansh Gautam

    Shivansh Gautam

    9 days ago

    hahahah holy fuck

  • Guy Doctorio
    Guy Doctorio10 days ago

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  • Omar jordan
    Omar jordan10 days ago

    This shit is so disrespectful... MJ dominated an old Dr. J... he didn’t snatch shit!

  • king Leo
    king Leo10 days ago


  • ChangeofHeartQ
    ChangeofHeartQ10 days ago

    see the thing about russ and ja is that ja does floaters and russ does not lol

  • lil keto
    lil keto10 days ago


  • jack munson
    jack munson10 days ago

    The defence against Jordan was sooo horrible

  • bcvbb hyui

    bcvbb hyui

    10 days ago

    Jason tatum vs Lebrun? He dunked on his idel face to get a follow back on Twitter

  • KingBas69
    KingBas6911 days ago

    Thon maker what a beast :)

  • bcvbb hyui

    bcvbb hyui

    10 days ago

    morant is the new drose for me.

  • Jay Smith
    Jay Smith11 days ago

    That’s what I loved about Kobe. He was so positive, and he would help other players.

  • Alissa Hill
    Alissa Hill11 days ago

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    Alissa Hill11 days ago

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  • Jasmine Carter
    Jasmine Carter11 days ago

    My God. I love the NBA.

  • Jimmy Swang
    Jimmy Swang11 days ago

    These guys weren't even guarding the guys you talking about👎🏿

  • Ryan VU
    Ryan VU11 days ago

    Ik devin booker broke down when kobe died🥺

  • sehhi vooty
    sehhi vooty11 days ago

    The picture of Russell and ja is something that shows a lot of respect

  • Shota Toriumi
    Shota Toriumi11 days ago

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  • Michael Grubbs
    Michael Grubbs11 days ago

    Tyler who???? Lol

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    Kim Scap11 days ago

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  • sehhi vooty

    sehhi vooty

    11 days ago

    7:11 Subscribed.

  • Natalie Boyd
    Natalie Boyd11 days ago

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  • Jvien
    Jvien11 days ago

    0:40 , I wanna give a shout-out to dude in the green jacket for getting left on read but still smiling through the pain .

  • ChillDoc


    Day ago


  • YouCanNowCallMeAhunterXhuntardAfterTheReveal


    9 days ago

    @BOSS SHANGO ayo i saw that shit but then i was like u know what fuck that was so focused on the upcoming kobe booker part but then when i saw this comment i burst laughing like oh yea LMFAO that actually happened



    9 days ago

    Yoooo,I’m thinking like please tell me somebody notice that other than me?!!!!😂😂😂

  • jullian gabrielle morris
    jullian gabrielle morris11 days ago

    morant is the new drose for me.

  • foxy 49
    foxy 4911 days ago

    Jason tatum vs Lebrun? He dunked on his idel face to get a follow back on Twitter

  • Joao Monteagudo Canevari
    Joao Monteagudo Canevari11 days ago

    it sounds very nice when you say that they “faced” their idols but i kinda disagree, in most cases it just happened that their teams played against each other but the players didn’t really “face” each other; the only one that really faced his idol was Ingram because he was actually guarded by KD, and it wasn’t during all the game. i don’t know, that’s what i understand for “facing” a player 🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Burrito Blaster
    Burrito Blaster11 days ago

    Dayum Steph really had to leave him hanging like that 0:40