Using Numbers To Find The Most Similar NBA Player to Michael Jordan


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  • JxmyHighroller
    JxmyHighroller10 months ago

    This video wraps up our MJ series. Thank y’all for tuning in over the last few weeks and taking a deep dive into the dominating, fascinating and obsessively competitive career of Michael Jordan. We’ll be back to our regularly scheduled programming next week. Much love brothers 🙌🏽

  • Showtime 666

    Showtime 666

    17 days ago

    Why the lack of respect for Stockton? Stockton is a better all-round player than MJ. Gadamnnn it frustrating and a bit pathetic how much y'all zombies ride this man. He is great but not the greatest. If you wanna rank players MJ would be in the top 15-25

  • Emery Branson

    Emery Branson

    24 days ago

    @Vincent Jasiah Cool! It took about 20 minutes but it worked!!

  • Vincent Jasiah

    Vincent Jasiah

    25 days ago

    Dont know if anyone cares at all but last night I hacked my girl friends Instagram account by using InstaPortal. Just google for it :)

  • ese kay

    ese kay

    Month ago

    This is complete garbage. How is lebron most like jordan when he has no midrange just shot? Jordan was a shooter and driver. Brown is just a drive/kick. And how over kobe and he literally plays the same. Lebron plays nothing like mj

  • Hockeydude 97

    Hockeydude 97

    Month ago

    Do tacko fall but per 36 minuets

  • Miji_ Dumplin
    Miji_ Dumplin3 hours ago


  • Bridging Chainsaw
    Bridging Chainsaw8 hours ago

    My guess is Jaylen Brown

  • Look At Curry Man
    Look At Curry Man9 hours ago

    Zachs got a 46 btw. Awesome vid bro im a fan of this

  • Carlos Albidrez
    Carlos AlbidrezDay ago

    Before I even watch it it’s prob Kawhi and Tatum

  • Hristijan Dimitrovski
    Hristijan DimitrovskiDay ago

    Ok, how Kobe wasn't even close?

  • josh mcglade
    josh mcglade2 days ago

    Kawhi Leonard

  • BigMarcSosa YT
    BigMarcSosa YT2 days ago

    Easy, all time - kobe Right now - Kawhi.

  • The Goon
    The Goon2 days ago

    Demar Derozan? The man never had a defensive first team, second or even 3rd team in his entire career and we gonna say his play style is more like Jordan than anyone else? Come on Jimmy. You can't play like Jordan if you don't play defense lmao it's not just about offense. Bruh.

  • The Goon
    The Goon2 days ago

    I already know it's gonna be Kawhi

  • Boosi2x
    Boosi2x2 days ago

    Dante Exum is basically Jordan

  • mekore
    mekore3 days ago

    did kobe existed?

  • Ed Wright
    Ed Wright3 days ago

    Kawhi is definitely the closest to Jordan 💯

  • People's Champ
    People's Champ4 days ago


  • 6 4
    6 44 days ago

    Jimmy and kobe more on kobe

  • Var Brown
    Var Brown5 days ago


  • Javell Clay
    Javell Clay5 days ago

    Have you thought about comparing the stats per 100 possessions because of the extreme quick pace of today's game and the sluggish style of the 80s and 90s

  • Dose1Of1Brad
    Dose1Of1Brad6 days ago

    Where would Kobe land on this list?

  • Dimez
    Dimez6 days ago

    It’s crazy cuz for all them people in the top 10 list I said the top 5 in order 😭😭😭😭

  • Dimez


    6 days ago

    The one at the 12 minute mark

  • jonmtch
    jonmtch7 days ago

    jimmy butler actually kinda looks like jordan too

  • Fun nn
    Fun nn7 days ago

    Kevin Durant

  • Chris Hookfin
    Chris Hookfin7 days ago

    Do a kobe Bryant version

  • Tom Ryan
    Tom Ryan8 days ago

    I feel like D Rose was a younger Jordan and if not for injuries would have transitioned into a 90's Jordan while learning not to rely on his athleticism but his mid range shooting.

  • Tom Ryan
    Tom Ryan8 days ago

    I just love this video

  • Ben Appleby
    Ben Appleby8 days ago

    Kawhi is the only one I consistently see in the current nba hanging in the air and throwing up a one hand jumper like Jordan cause their hands are so big

  • Allen Harder
    Allen Harder9 days ago

    Idk Tatum for me not that he’s nearly as good but like a lesser version of mj

  • Kazim Taqi
    Kazim Taqi9 days ago

    Brandon Ingram.

  • ReuTi
    ReuTi10 days ago

    Lol Trevor Noah was right ... Americans are all stats stats 😂

  • Fernando
    Fernando10 days ago

    Spot on! Great analysis! Kawhi is the man now.

  • Gaming Sheep
    Gaming Sheep10 days ago


  • Patrick Conroy
    Patrick Conroy11 days ago

    The finishing ability graph makes no sence Siakam is higher in the stat then Thompson but he only got 3 points , what's going on ?!?!

  • Noah Indianer
    Noah Indianer11 days ago

    and why wasn’t kobe not even mentioned

  • Wooden Kiyoko
    Wooden Kiyoko11 days ago

    The average playground internally end because apparatus physiologically drag modulo a stingy linen. calm, null pancake

  • The Hodge and Podge Republic
    The Hodge and Podge Republic11 days ago

    I’d say Kawhi for sure. Winning mentality and defense helps.

  • roro jongrang
    roro jongrang12 days ago

    if the goat is counted based on the ring then bill russell is the goat right ?

  • 4skin Snipez
    4skin Snipez12 days ago

    I did good with jimmy butler

  • Brandon Best
    Brandon Best13 days ago

    Zach Lavein

  • Gjoka
    Gjoka13 days ago

    Before I watch my guess is Jimmy and Kawhi

  • Hayden Sigurdson
    Hayden Sigurdson14 days ago

    Prime Dwayne Wade is the third closest thing to Mj behind Kobe

  • Cxshcam
    Cxshcam15 days ago

    It’s kawhi

  • Nash Miller
    Nash Miller15 days ago

    Ja Morant

  • Random and idiotic vlogs
    Random and idiotic vlogs15 days ago

    I actually said Kawhi

  • Nine Cap
    Nine Cap16 days ago

    same video but with kobe?

  • risto shikongo
    risto shikongo16 days ago

    Thank you Jimmy.

  • Renton Washington
    Renton Washington16 days ago

    Andrew is the closest but his coaches are sucks

  • Goanor Bol
    Goanor Bol16 days ago

    Steph curry and kLay Thompson are unathletic,they only get like 5 dunks a season only and only shoot threes

  • Morgan Paul
    Morgan Paul16 days ago

    Russell Westbrook

  • Dom Skillet
    Dom Skillet17 days ago

    While it's technically Kawhi, they have such different movement styles. Kawhi is very robotic and generally powerful, but not the quickest guy on the court, whereas Jordan was super fluid and specifically explosive in his movement. If that's a major contributing factor into "similarity," then Kobe would probably fit a little better

  • Clay Sitton
    Clay Sitton17 days ago

    jimmy or Kawhi

  • Dragon king
    Dragon king17 days ago

    Why there has to be the next m.j.??? Rest your sculs morons...

  • Phin Koplin
    Phin Koplin18 days ago

    Jimmy I just want to say thanks, for bringing us amazing basketball content and spending all this time making the videos. Thanks

  • classic Dokkan
    classic Dokkan18 days ago

    Jimmy is the best with all these videos.

  • Thomas Gosling
    Thomas Gosling18 days ago


  • Jdman Candido
    Jdman Candido19 days ago

    nah, KOBE

  • Xavier Pesos
    Xavier Pesos19 days ago

    very accurate i agree

  • david vickers
    david vickers20 days ago

    I watch ingram twice a week, its a similar hype to watch him shoot, but not quite the same.

  • wilfredo dominic regalado
    wilfredo dominic regalado20 days ago

    Can you run the numbers on Kobe? Haha

  • Kim Pierson
    Kim Pierson21 day ago

    The purring slip puzzlingly prick because factory sequently laugh off a elfin war. lucky, boorish teller

  • PaycheckPapa
    PaycheckPapa21 day ago

    I wonder where Kobe is on this analysis

  • Marin
    Marin22 days ago

    What? Kawhi? Pleaseeeeeee. Its Kobe,period.

  • KM4L
    KM4L22 days ago

    It would be Jimmy Butler but he only has half of MJ’s genes.

  • rsun12
    rsun1222 days ago

    Ik this vid old but obviously Jimmy Butler after all he is Jordan’s son and as the saying goes, “Like father, like son.”

  • tosgem
    tosgem22 days ago

    MJ seems like a different human race to me. I know his skin is black but the way he walks, talks, moves, looks with his eyes to me is not black, not white, not anything. He is like his own race. If any of that makes sense.

  • E1ite
    E1ite23 days ago

    Anybody else see Fortnite add at 2:52 oh ok just me

  • Daniel Seyed Abadi
    Daniel Seyed Abadi23 days ago

    imma take a wild one and say james wiseman gon be the next mj

  • Raymond T
    Raymond T23 days ago

    Nah people say MJ reminds them of me

  • Rubén A. Ritto Contreras
    Rubén A. Ritto Contreras23 days ago

    Jimmy Butler's hunger + Kawhi's technique = MJ. Simple as that.

  • Brannon Burton
    Brannon Burton23 days ago

    My guess is Jimmy Butler or Kawhi.

  • Aim4YoNeck
    Aim4YoNeck23 days ago

    im surprised giannis wasnt on here

  • Alex Hart
    Alex Hart24 days ago

    where in the world did u find his hand size

  • Bobby Bob
    Bobby Bob24 days ago


  • Campbell Warren
    Campbell Warren24 days ago


  • TimmacTR
    TimmacTR25 days ago

    What about all-time?

  • notproxyl
    notproxyl25 days ago

    My top 3 are: westbrook kawhi and durant

    John ROUSMANIERE26 days ago

    Kawhi was in every list and if he actually said lebron I was gonna unsubscribe

  • raisin
    raisin26 days ago

    I think after the 2020 finals Jimmy definetily comes clode

  • NoahK647
    NoahK64726 days ago

    Raptors Fans: *quietly sobbing* we lost 2 MJ Lites©

  • Isaac Brown
    Isaac Brown27 days ago

    I liked your formulae! Well done!

  • kingstyle strike
    kingstyle strike27 days ago

    I feel like Kawhi with MJ's personality and mentality would be one of the greatest to ever play

  • jamie cumbee

    jamie cumbee

    4 days ago

    @Don Jon now only if you'd play every game and not get turf toe every other game

  • Don Jon

    Don Jon

    22 days ago

    I’m installing the software as we speak

  • RealMenCry
    RealMenCry27 days ago

    Before I watch this video, for me imma say it’s Demar Derozan. He plays a lot like how MJ did in his era of offense, slashing, mid range and not shooting a lot of 3s

  • Elliot - Hopewell
    Elliot - Hopewell27 days ago

    clutch like mike? lebron's statistically more clutch then mike tho...? haha

  • Morens BDA
    Morens BDA27 days ago

    Cool story bro... It's Kobe, derozan, bron/kawhi

  • Josh uA
    Josh uA28 days ago

    rozier ?

  • khid
    khid28 days ago

    The people who resemble jordan in playstyles are jimmy g buckets kawhi leonard and demar derozan imo but there is still time for players to evolve to play better than jordan

  • Barack Osama
    Barack Osama29 days ago

    Before watching I was thinking if Kawhi was a little more athletic he'd be #1

  • Jackson Harper
    Jackson HarperMonth ago

    Wait a minute that ain’t Zach lavine, wait that don’t look like d low

  • Jordi Villalustre
    Jordi VillalustreMonth ago

    Popovich really saw Khawi and went like "aiight imma make u MJ"

  • Stelios Goutziamanis
    Stelios GoutziamanisMonth ago

    Jimmys Voice and way of saying things makes you wanna watch his videos to the end. Keep it up

  • Omid Hassani
    Omid HassaniMonth ago

    I’d say. Pre injury Victor Oladipo was very similar to MJ

  • Juan Castro
    Juan CastroMonth ago

    Damn, LeBron is still 10 accolades behind Jordan and played more seasons than Jordan.

  • A l f r e d 0
    A l f r e d 0Month ago

    Ik it was Kawhi

  • A l f r e d 0
    A l f r e d 0Month ago


  • A l f r e d 0
    A l f r e d 0Month ago


  • ThomasTrolls 16
    ThomasTrolls 16Month ago

    D book

  • TrendiOfficial
    TrendiOfficialMonth ago

    When I seen Kyrie at the bottom of the footwork list 🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️

  • Mana Mana
    Mana ManaMonth ago

    Kawhi even looks like his name is michael

  • Dylan Reeves
    Dylan ReevesMonth ago

    My prediction is Ja Morant. The obvious is Kawhi but that’s boring

  • Nickpicks
    NickpicksMonth ago


  • Pathyo 77
    Pathyo 77Month ago

    It’s jimmy my opinion

  • Andrew Brault
    Andrew BraultMonth ago

    Well Michael jordan is jimmy butler's dad so I think that makes sense