What They Won't Tell You About Kevin Durant's Return


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  • Evans Oduor
    Evans OduorDay ago

    You have just made me love nba

  • adilla121783
    adilla1217832 days ago

    Can you do Corey sanders

  • TheModer8ter
    TheModer8ter2 days ago

    John 3:36 He that believeth on the Son hath everlasting life" John 6:47 "Verily, Verily I say unto you, he that believes in me has everlasting life." John 3:16 "For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life."

  • Axilleas Mpra
    Axilleas Mpra4 days ago

    Jimmy's voice is so calm , I swear I can sleep with it with full volume

  • Shlok Panchal
    Shlok Panchal5 days ago

    now Jamal Murray man 😓

  • pkflyers
    pkflyers5 days ago

    This video is such click bait. It didnt even answer the question of the video title 😂

  • Slqtez
    Slqtez6 days ago

    Now why isnt Derrick rose in here he went from 📉

  • erik fisher
    erik fisher6 days ago

    Nice content. I Fucking llLoveee. You KD BROTHA!

  • iKsY
    iKsY7 days ago

    what about DRose?

  • Tamara Kennedy
    Tamara Kennedy8 days ago

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  • Elliott Roberts
    Elliott Roberts10 days ago

    KD is 5/5 rn xD

  • Javier medina
    Javier medina10 days ago

    The GOAT

  • Debussy Chopin
    Debussy Chopin13 days ago

    Same junk re hashed. Lol

  • Robert Barnes
    Robert Barnes14 days ago

    Excellent content and insight, as always, Jimmy. But, as always, you manage to butcher the pronunciation of medical terms (look at my user Name and you'll see why I'm qualified to say that). Not being a Classical scholar, I have no idea how ancient Greeks pronounced the name of the warrior Achilles, but in a medical context using either modern American or British English, it is pronounced "uh 'kill eez", not "uh 'kee leez". Speedy Gonzales was not a Greek scholar. Don't take my comments too seriously. Your understanding of the game and it's human element is outstanding, as is your ability to explain it in a comprehensible manner. I'm just saying 'why not drive toward perfection?' You're so close.

  • Robert Barnes

    Robert Barnes

    14 days ago

    Never assume things are going to work out. I expected my other user name which ends with MD. In other words, I'm entitled to bloviate on medical stuff. You should be able to tell, anyway - never use a simple short word where 3 longer, more obscure words will say the same thing.

  • Debussy Chopin
    Debussy Chopin16 days ago

    So what is it they don't tell you about his return? All you stated has already been stated by the media ton of times. You didn't bring anything new in info. You just kept repeating the same point over and over again whole video you could have made it 1 min.

  • Debussy Chopin

    Debussy Chopin

    13 days ago

    @GT ok dopehead.

  • GT


    13 days ago

    @Debussy Chopin whatever you say old head

  • Debussy Chopin

    Debussy Chopin

    13 days ago

    @GT makes me happy to put you down. If you're a little educated at least or accomplished in anything you'll realize writing a paragraph isn't a big undertaking.

  • GT


    13 days ago

    @Debussy Chopin whatever makes you happy ig

  • Debussy Chopin

    Debussy Chopin

    13 days ago

    @GT sure. I have time. I don't mind typing something to teach dopeheads a thing or two. A minute to sacrifice is not all that bad.

  • O K
    O K16 days ago

    my achilles has been hurting and this video made me so nervous

  • A1ries
    A1ries16 days ago

    i think the reason why KD coming back strong is he didn' t forced to play , he play when he's actually FIT and READY to play .

  • Shmevan Riceballz
    Shmevan Riceballz16 days ago

    Jimmy must be a millionaire after all his banger videos

  • FREEZE Saint
    FREEZE Saint17 days ago

    God loves you all 👍

  • Highflyer
    Highflyer17 days ago


  • Drones4bones
    Drones4bones19 days ago

    Sometimes I wonder if that injury is what really happened..

  • Joseph Vernon
    Joseph Vernon21 day ago

    rip elgin baylor

  • regfamo dadobqub
    regfamo dadobqub21 day ago

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  • R S
    R S21 day ago

    I'm gonna have to say KD loves the Lord, Jesus...he is straight up about it...way I see it, that's grace.

  • Dey Plays
    Dey Plays22 days ago

    tearin 3 ligaments in your ankle is also devastating injury

  • Colleen McGrath-Woodhouse
    Colleen McGrath-Woodhouse23 days ago

    little does he know that kd hasn't played for months after this

  • Mani Hendrix
    Mani Hendrix24 days ago

    Rest In Peace to Elgin Baylor

    UPTIMUS PRIME24 days ago

    Its tru KD suprises everyone after his return from injury i know cuz thats when i hearing his name louder.

  • yunglocke
    yunglocke25 days ago

    If KD Wins with the nets, he better than james

  • Silas kll

    Silas kll

    14 days ago

    Because he can only win with super teams and that's why he'll never be in the top 10 dumbass

  • Silas kll

    Silas kll

    14 days ago

    No obviously not

  • Gustavo Serrano
    Gustavo Serrano26 days ago

    They need to look at KneesOverToesGuy

  • ob1KENob Junior
    ob1KENob Junior27 days ago

    I respect this channel. But we all know why KD's return wasnt talked about. That nxgga a whole SHAKE 🐍! You join a 73-9 team that you couldve taken out and you join them the next year!? He didnt have to work for his rings. Mfrs wana say LeBron did the same but LeBron went to a falling team with a star (Wade) and they built it from there! KD ole nappy headed bead2bead head ass was on some other shit!!

  • Joseph Vernon
    Joseph Vernon28 days ago

    Most skilled power forward, actually has the abilities of a guard and is 6’10

  • Nifty Fuzzball
    Nifty Fuzzball29 days ago

    great video. I wonder how much of it is mental vs physical ?

  • Daniel Esteril
    Daniel Esteril29 days ago

    Kids don’t know how great Dominique Wilkins was.

  • Jocel Burgos
    Jocel BurgosMonth ago

    There are bunch of great players in the NBA,but Kevin Durant is "the most prolific,unguardable scorer of all time"😇🙏

  • Ben Dover
    Ben DoverMonth ago

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    rojclashMonth ago


  • JD Oliphant
    JD OliphantMonth ago

    Bro, you need more love and recognition. Awesome content, keep it up

  • someasiankid
    someasiankidMonth ago

    what about kobe

  • Hector Nodal
    Hector NodalMonth ago

    🖤😎👍 #BOUNCEBACK #👍

  • Humble Skits
    Humble SkitsMonth ago

    KD needs to get more muscles

  • Schilt Shots

    Schilt Shots

    Month ago


  • Jan Ric Balayo
    Jan Ric BalayoMonth ago

    Only Adam silver can guard my idol Kevin Durant.

  • DGT Master
    DGT MasterMonth ago

    You gotta put d rose on that beginning list my man

  • Venize
    VenizeMonth ago

    He is 6’10”

  • Tyler Holland
    Tyler HollandMonth ago

    Thank you Brooklyn’s medical staff. Nobody ever gives them credit

  • Pilton Jones
    Pilton JonesMonth ago

    Watched him since his montrose days, the guy is a beast.

  • Humble Dallas Fan
    Humble Dallas FanMonth ago

    One thing I’d like to factor is pandemic played a huge role in his recovery. Because of this, the hiatus took place, allowing an extra 3 months for rest. In a normal world he would’ve been in a rush to comeback for this season. Regardless, this is highly impressive.

  • Sanatroll
    SanatrollMonth ago

    but bro have u taken into account the better medical care? im sure these recovery numbers will go up

  • Nick LeRoux
    Nick LeRouxMonth ago

    whos here after the Anthony Davis achilles injury

  • Tom Nguyen
    Tom NguyenMonth ago

    KD before joining the warrior, still means something. after he joins, hes nothing to me

  • maple master
    maple masterMonth ago

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  • KAZI 300%
    KAZI 300%Month ago


  • wtfstunts
    wtfstuntsMonth ago

    whos watching this is 2021? when hes injured now

  • jennald reyes
    jennald reyesMonth ago

    i like every content man but the audio haha gotta fix it

  • Stealtho
    StealthoMonth ago

    What’s the music in the beginning

  • Connor Allan
    Connor AllanMonth ago

    KD has to be THE most entertaining player to watch

  • Lalrin-Topic
    Lalrin-TopicMonth ago

    Best player in the planet I agree 💯

  • Tolu Komolafe
    Tolu KomolafeMonth ago

    kd injured two moths later all star captain

  • Omni King
    Omni KingMonth ago

    900 views more before 1 million views

  • RdoubleD
    RdoubleDMonth ago

    Stam cells

  • Dimitar Lyutskanov
    Dimitar LyutskanovMonth ago

    He’s 6’10 technically but still great video Jxmy 👍🏻👍🏻 and those were 17 players you showed not 16 and the others lucky that were left were 9 and not 8

  • BKNY
    BKNYMonth ago

    KD about to get his 3rd chip with the NETS, let's goo Brooklyn

  • naswipp


    Month ago

    He need some milk

  • Umoja B
    Umoja B2 months ago

    Dude had 18 months off. Duh. He fully healed. Medicine and science is different as well. This is a no-brainer

  • Vel Vegas
    Vel Vegas2 months ago

    KD is a avatar thats why.

  • Najib
    Najib2 months ago

    KD barely runs and jumps even before the achilles lol. One dribble pull up in ur mouth. Also helps that he weighs almost nothing compared to people his size so less weight on that foot.

  • dis pater
    dis pater2 months ago

    Dominique Wilkins really tore his achilles and said "aight, imma average 30 next season"

  • eden bos

    eden bos

    3 days ago

    @ob1KENob Junior bro calm down. He wasn’t comparing them and we don’t care about your life and your stupid basketball team

  • Awesome Rogue

    Awesome Rogue

    17 days ago

    "Imma just average 30 real quick"

  • Liam Rooney

    Liam Rooney

    17 days ago

    @ob1KENob Junior fr bro chill

  • Anwar Abdoelhak

    Anwar Abdoelhak

    17 days ago

    @ob1KENob Junior He wasnt even comparin bruh...

  • Dayton Blackstock

    Dayton Blackstock

    25 days ago

    @ob1KENob Junior He’s literally making a joke bro calm down, damn.

  • jonathan dharmaputera
    jonathan dharmaputera2 months ago

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    Rich ard2 months ago

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  • Sellin
    Sellin2 months ago

    ye i think hes apart of that 6 percent jxmy :)

  • Basicallygaming 247
    Basicallygaming 2472 months ago

    Well most of those players relied on finishing at the rim so of course the acl is gonna affect they game

  • Daniel Galea
    Daniel Galea2 months ago

    It's a shame KD has the relationship he has with the media and outside world, because he looks great but I'd love to hear him talk about how he feels compared to past versions of himself. Maybe in a few years or when he's retired he might hear about it.

  • Rishi Natarajan
    Rishi Natarajan2 months ago

    John wall is doing pretty good actually.

    DAN THE MAN2 months ago

    I appreciate how much this guy puts into his vids. It’s good to see people who do their research on topics rather than being lazy and copying other peoples stuff. Good job.

  • Alec Meneses
    Alec Meneses2 months ago

    bro why u gotta say achilles like tht

  • Kevin Fowler
    Kevin Fowler2 months ago

    Do you have a podcast?

  • tito cornelius
    tito cornelius2 months ago

    Tony Parker.

  • Nobody is the name
    Nobody is the name2 months ago

    Don’t forget he didn’t play for 2 years

  • Nobody is the name
    Nobody is the name2 months ago

    Klay didn’t even get to play be4 he got injured again he won’t be the same

  • AthleticFatKid
    AthleticFatKid2 months ago

    They have better rehab of this injury now, and well there are better “substances” to help you return full strength in the last 10 years.

  • Sean Flanagan
    Sean Flanagan2 months ago

    You didn't take into consideration the various body types and different playing styles which is 🔑

  • MrBlue Taylor
    MrBlue Taylor2 months ago

    He’s my favorite player

  • Stokey Junior
    Stokey Junior2 months ago

    I get what he's saying, but a lot of context is left out here

  • ZE RO
    ZE RO2 months ago

    0:48 I dont think the achilles is the worst. ACL injuries knock people out for much longer

  • bronx bully
    bronx bully2 months ago

    If kd didnt have too much pride we would be talking about kd vs lebron and lebron would have 3 rings for his career

  • Innovation Ball
    Innovation Ball2 months ago

    Bernard King and John Wall were good also

  • philip rovan nakila
    philip rovan nakila2 months ago

    I just want him to stay healthy. . Lakers vs nets 2021 NBA finals would be great. .probably the greatest NBA finals ever. . 😁😁😁

  • Dr8koo
    Dr8koo2 months ago

    He choesn ... his # is 7

  • seifullah bashir
    seifullah bashir2 months ago

    He doesn't have a lot of weight on him. Hello!!

  • Stephen Kalmar
    Stephen Kalmar2 months ago

    Kobe was better. This video lies!

  • Madara Uchiha
    Madara Uchiha2 months ago

    KD my favorite player of all time especially when he was on the thunder. Such a great player

  • Bradley Thomas
    Bradley Thomas2 months ago

    I really hope Durant stays healthy. His performance so far this year has been nothing short of incredible.

  • Spenser Dickerson
    Spenser Dickerson2 months ago

    Getting ready to make a new video when klay comes back next season better than before?

  • Clay
    Clay2 months ago

    You jinxed it.

  • Edgardo Garcia
    Edgardo Garcia2 months ago

    This guy goes on for 8:20 talking about this b.s,Has it occurred to him that possibly after an injury like that some people might mentally defeat themselves, because they might be scared to re injure,Mental state plays key here.

  • Lucifer DaNegus
    Lucifer DaNegus2 months ago

    Zach Lavine played on a torn acl n look at him noq

  • Dunfiato 369
    Dunfiato 3692 months ago

    Is hard to save your ass if KD start making shots

  • zero frosty
    zero frosty2 months ago

    Demarcus doo doo cousins hr might as well retire instead of kyrie

  • Martin Garrido
    Martin Garrido2 months ago

    Wow tons of respect