When The Call Is So Bad You Take Matters Into Your Own Hands


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  • Crappy Video
    Crappy VideoHour ago

    Its not just nba refs my dad says humans aren't perfect but then they are like you touched enemy player on defense year suspension

  • Mystogan
    Mystogan9 hours ago

    When did nba refs turn in to US college campuses 😂

  • Haseo Torres
    Haseo Torres15 hours ago

    Referees nowadays are such snowflakes ❄️

  • Matt Popovich
    Matt Popovich15 hours ago

    5:40 The refs are giving out "more T's (tees) than Augusta in April" 🔥

  • novyx1
    novyx118 hours ago

    Get woke go broke!

  • Joseph Daujotas
    Joseph Daujotas21 hour ago

    Well at least they aren't fixing games for bookies anymore... . . . this video was interrupted by 3 online sports betting ads...

  • johnny cash
    johnny cash21 hour ago

    thank god for basketball or all these hidden violent thugs would be killing my family and stealing my car

  • The Truth
    The TruthDay ago


    SANITADay ago

    *Dennis sitting in criss cross* Ref: disgusting here's a tech

  • squatchin77
    squatchin77Day ago

    Bad calls in a garbage league stopped affecting me about 3/4 years ago when I stopped watching nba basketball.

  • Bosmer1369
    Bosmer1369Day ago

    Basically, this shit is fixed

  • Im_Saiko
    Im_SaikoDay ago

    The refs in the NBA rn are like them discord mods that ban you when they lose an argument

  • nasser1337
    nasser1337Day ago

    you know why they aren't doing anything? because there is a lot of money in gambling :) they need way to control the game scores

  • Calvin Henderson
    Calvin HendersonDay ago

    That's Cold messed up

  • Francis Andrew Gajo
    Francis Andrew Gajo2 days ago

    Refs who made bad calls must be fined instead of the players

  • Teddy
    Teddy2 days ago

    The Tim Duncan laughing ejection be like: “You’re ejected for having a sense of humor”

  • whowonfoullaw
    whowonfoullaw2 days ago

    ..is it because the ref's are just being "woke"?

  • Matt's Crazy Art
    Matt's Crazy Art2 days ago

    All the millenials are now old enough to be refs

  • Ray Jay Money
    Ray Jay Money2 days ago

    It all makes sense to me. Everybody always wants to leave out the word professional whenever we talk about sports.

  • dot jai
    dot jai2 days ago

    refs have to be PC and call fouls for hurt feelings. SJW

  • Suazah
    Suazah2 days ago

    There should be repercussions for bad calls especially for Armando Galarraga percent game, haven't seen a worse call yet.

  • Kendall Conrad
    Kendall Conrad2 days ago

    Coaches, players and fans ride those NBA refs like rented mules. Nobody in the stadium respects them. Who in their right mind would want that job? Somebody who's got a chip on their shoulder...?

  • Neil Mathews
    Neil Mathews2 days ago

    Interesting that if rugby, football refs or cricket umpires have a bad game, make bad rulings they often get 'sent down' , removed from tournaments or lose the chance to ref finals etc. Surely the NBA has a referee appraisal system, especially in these days of everything on video, where poor performance means a re-education, a drop in status or whatever?

  • MrZiva82
    MrZiva822 days ago

    Money, politics, ego, money, money, money, money, money

  • Jae KiDd N His 508Cents
    Jae KiDd N His 508Cents3 days ago

    So basically they want to take the emotions out of the game Which is dumb because that's what makes the NBA so great!

  • MidLarNIneD
    MidLarNIneD3 days ago

    I don't understand why people can't see that there is an agenda in basketball like all other sports. The refs are the key to teams pre chosen to win championships.

  • Rick M14
    Rick M143 days ago

    Snowflake refs. Establish a foul review system and fine these petty mofos for making bad calls. They are literally messing with people's lives here. Also, what's the measure for integrity in a ref? How sure are we that they aren't making these bad calls on purpose to help the opposing team out? Pockets lined perhaps?

  • Emmanuel Bunagancok
    Emmanuel Bunagancok3 days ago

    Worst official ever

  • tonty rutinel
    tonty rutinel3 days ago

    The crazy thing is that they've gotten worse with the T's since this video🤯🤯

  • Paul Smith
    Paul Smith3 days ago

    This dude said more T’s than Augusta in April😭

  • Jonathan Dorce
    Jonathan Dorce3 days ago


  • Jonathan Dorce
    Jonathan Dorce3 days ago


  • Jonathan Dorce
    Jonathan Dorce3 days ago


  • heech
    heech3 days ago

    7:22 that background music always gives me creepy vibes lol

  • victor pizarro
    victor pizarro3 days ago

    I will tell you what this is called...PUSSIFICATION OF SPORTS! That’s what MLB, NBA, are doing! The PC culture infected competitive sports!

  • smcal1able
    smcal1able3 days ago

    Haven't watched a single game in THREE years, and certainly haven't missed anything.

  • Joshua Haddock
    Joshua Haddock3 days ago

    I think all sports should start making their officials do press conferences. I feel like there would be a lot less "mistakes" if they had to actually answer for them.

  • Eagleyes0988
    Eagleyes09884 days ago

    Look at baseball you can't even argue with the umpires

  • Darknessofman
    Darknessofman4 days ago


  • Coach
    Coach4 days ago

    You have grown men wearing whistles wanting to make the game about them and flex that ego. Happens at all levels (youth, high school, college, g-league, etc) but you only see it so blatantly because most of those aren't on TV but ego's don't let that get in the way. Also those younger age groups allow parents easier access to those officials during the games where problems really get out of control.

  • Chad Losh
    Chad Losh4 days ago

    They have been for a long time-- since the seventies and early eighties. Back then the league was legit dangerous. Google the player that got his face broken and how that was the turning point for the refs to start making what used to be called "ticky tack calls", don't ask me about the origin of the expression because I haven't heard what was once a common expression in years now. Also Google what happened with the Pacers in Detroit and how it destroyed what had been a team which was a playoff contender for a generation. Its easy for control of a game to start slipping away from the refs. If you're 30 or under then you've never seen a game turn ugly in real time. The big guys can break men's faces without much effort or really without trying are all, even each others. That's why movies that show absurd match ups are funny because we instinctively know that Jimmy Fallen isn't going to knock out Shaq on his best day, it would be like watching a 10 year boy fighting his father. Bone structure and density just won't allow it, however, the big guys tap us in return and there is instant damage. At 6'2" & 210 lbs plus I've been taller and stronger than most of the guys I've worked with for the last thirty years, enough to actually scare some of them just by witnessing my own strength and use of force while demolishing inanimate objects and there was much less of a size difference between me and them than a seven footer and myself. Shaq did get technical fouls called on him for dunking too hard after he had already broken half a dozen goal backboards and several hydraulic arms that hold up the goals during gameplay which lead to several hours of delay each time. When a goal collapses it comes down so hard and fast enough to hurt or even kill anyone, especially the guy dunking. It takes awhile to set up those goals and they aren't cheap either, but the delay in game was just hurting everybody, so they started lightning him up when he started getting over zealous in order to help him help himself remember. The refs didn't really have choice about it and if you have ever worked a tough job or stood next to a seven footer, you don't have to wonder why either...

  • Michael
    Michael4 days ago

    I don't even watch basketball but yea the refs need to chill

  • Raunold Smithers
    Raunold Smithers4 days ago

    When are people going to realize that fanning someone with stuff, like paper or in this case, their shirts....doesnt cool the person down. It actually will make them warmer.

  • bk bk
    bk bk4 days ago

    money talks, don't be thinking all these NBA players have it good when the referees can ALSO turn the game around.

  • Randy Hanson
    Randy Hanson4 days ago

    We are due to see another ref or ump get decked again. The calls may be out of hand but the players are sometimes getting out of hand also

  • Zach Van Harris JR
    Zach Van Harris JR4 days ago

    *NBA players have both hands up and out when the ref hit them with the “T”*

  • Zach Van Harris JR
    Zach Van Harris JR4 days ago

    *damn, he slept that man, crazy*

  • M Oz
    M Oz4 days ago

    I would love for referees across all sports to be like the one in the last clip that told the players to shut up

  • Lawrence Parkes
    Lawrence Parkes4 days ago

    Is it revenue raising?

  • miko
    miko4 days ago

    Its all about PC these days...

  • Redbo Black
    Redbo Black4 days ago

    The ref telling bird to stop crying has me in tears 🤣

  • Blair Johnson
    Blair Johnson4 days ago

    Tim Duncan: Joey Crawford: You are OUT OF LINE As a side thing, wasn't Joey Crawford proven to have been part of a scandal where the refs were taking money to try to fix games?

  • Blair Johnson
    Blair Johnson4 days ago

    That man punched the spirit out of my guy Fabio. It was not necessary to go that hard

  • Funkshyn


    2 days ago

    Swear I heard “In the arms of an angellll..” Ha

  • D C
    D C4 days ago

    that old school reff real af oml🤣💀

  • D C
    D C4 days ago

    Shoutout AUG

  • Jim Griffin
    Jim Griffin5 days ago

    What about the players flopping like crazy and repeatedly insisting on replay review which in no way supports what they insist what happened

  • Dr. Awkward
    Dr. Awkward5 days ago

    Somewhere Rasheed Wallace just got another technical foul in the mail. 🤣

  • De Ray 德瑞
    De Ray 德瑞5 days ago

    Don’t say today eras player soft it’s soft because of the reffff

  • hichcoc
    hichcoc5 days ago

    Refs remind me of how society treats black people..... H~

  • falcon176
    falcon1765 days ago

    good thing they got rid of that one singular ref who was solely responsible for rigging the games they definitely weren't all in on it and he was the scapegoat and they kept doin what they were doin

  • Kyle Jr
    Kyle Jr5 days ago

    So definitely they need their jaws broken then

  • sammythemc
    sammythemc5 days ago

    I like Redick but that tech was deserved, he puts crazy english on the ball (the "force") and it was pretty clearly intended to show the ref up.

  • V Cairo
    V Cairo5 days ago

    First of all it's never good to beat up a reff {unless he / she really deserves it} but....... After this incident we've known that the reff was al lot in the Grey zone.... Than again peace and love on earth and we al love this game and you should never break the law..... But when a reff is " special" some things could happen and it's really to bad that this happened and I really don't think he meant to do that with that intention to get that outcome.... And to me that play didn't look like a foul to me neither but when the reff is in the gray zone and it looks like he's really only against you mmmm'm some things could happen....... Am not saying hit a reff never hit anyone but everybody who played over C's could give you a grey zone reff story. Peace and love on earth. Sometimes things can get a lil emotional and.... Sad incidents like this happen.

  • jetjazz dauntless
    jetjazz dauntless5 days ago

    Why? Follow the money.

  • Douglas Pipes
    Douglas Pipes5 days ago

    NAW, it was a Foul...#14 maroon team body reacts as *Big Guy* goes up, if #14 maroon hands were straight up in PROPER Defense mode* and not Draped over the *Big Man's* arm, No Way the *Big Man* lifts him off his feet the way he did 🤷...Never should have punched the Ref though.

  • 10th letter
    10th letter5 days ago

    "Civil charges" Ah yes, the wonderful world of sports where a guy could almost kill someone else but it is okay.

  • Product Of Georgia
    Product Of Georgia5 days ago

    Yoooooo I'm laughing at the fact that my mans took a 3 hour nap lmfao

  • Rick James
    Rick James5 days ago

    He needs to punch his parents for naming him Elvis.

  • Tony Joseph
    Tony Joseph5 days ago

    Refs acting like cops. Oh no

  • Sam
    Sam5 days ago

    Refs of the 80s were masculine, the new world that we are building back better is feminine. It is racist to be against it.

  • John von Atzigen
    John von Atzigen5 days ago

    Have never liked refs, like them even less now. You would never be able to figure out the rules of basketball if you start watching today. Worst officiated sport of the big 4 and that's really saying something! Couldn't agree more Dude!!

  • KandaPanda
    KandaPanda5 days ago

    5:05 .....I wasn't gonna say nuthin.... but when I was a kid, I couldn't stand watching basketball on TV. I liked football. Basketball, to me as a kid, was just foul after foul after foul. seemed like there was hardly every any momentum allowed to get going before somebody would get fouled and the game would stop so everyone could walk to the free-throw line or turnover the ball. 🥱 I mean, even then, the teams had to have been averaging 20 foul calls a game.....each team. 40 fouls in a game? if you can get each foul to be resolved in 2 minutes, we've already added 80mins onto this goddamn game. 🤦‍♂️

  • martincuracao1
    martincuracao16 days ago

    Get woke Go broke hahahaha

  • Alex Wilbur
    Alex Wilbur6 days ago

    These attitudes started because of cry babies who complain about not getting foul calls. I have no doubt the refs were fed up. They've obviously taken it too far, but I'm not surprised. The NBA has long been unwatchable. From the officiating, to the boring 3 point style, to the crying millionaires. I can't watch it.

  • Clint Rinaudo
    Clint Rinaudo6 days ago

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  • My Dude on fire
    My Dude on fire6 days ago

    0:00 imagine watching a youtube video and putting the quality to 1080P.. but the video looks like this

  • GhDr
    GhDr6 days ago

    NBA refs are like the police they eject who they want, they foul when they want, and they can take it personal when a player breaths air. The police shoot who they want and when they want and get away with it most of the time.

  • Ken Fresno
    Ken Fresno6 days ago

    "As awesome of a commissioner as Adam Silver is..." -- based on ratings he has basically erased Jordan's entire boost to the NBA audience. In 10 years people will look back at Silver's decisions and mark them as the reason the NBA is less popular than the NHL.

  • PWD Alabang Association
    PWD Alabang Association6 days ago

    Joey Crawford is one of the WORST NBA Ref the fans ever watched... shame on that man... calling irrelevant calls... not so PROFESSIONAL... they're being PERSONAL on Players...

  • Clemus Johnson
    Clemus Johnson6 days ago

    If a lockout doesnt occur in the next few years due to sensitive and corrupt referees i will be surprise.

  • thomassherman61
    thomassherman616 days ago

    Old school refs weren't butt-hurt liberals.

  • thomassherman61
    thomassherman616 days ago

    The foul was against Simmons, Embiid flopped.

  • TXraindear
    TXraindear6 days ago

    Good thing we stopped watching the NBA. DON'T CARE!

  • Roland Dale
    Roland Dale6 days ago

    Why is it an apparent bad call because the same team that didn’t benefit from the call all complain???? Seems the “Softness” is the generation. Play the game regardless of the refs.

  • yosay live
    yosay live6 days ago

    Refs are worse this season because the past seasons got more ejections because that was the whole season and this season is close when it’s half Seaaon

  • _NoobGod
    _NoobGod6 days ago

    4:00 ok now that's just absurd NBA refs should be getting fined for all these techs and ejections their handing out to players for no apparent reason.

  • I Love My Dogs572
    I Love My Dogs5726 days ago

    man. the first thing SUCKS

  • ben hauger
    ben hauger6 days ago

    Adam Silver is a pathetic man and a hypocrite, who takes everything China gives him.

  • Juan Dillard
    Juan Dillard6 days ago


  • Moritz Reparon
    Moritz Reparon6 days ago

    Same in Europe....

  • Ebeneser Thepbanthao
    Ebeneser Thepbanthao6 days ago

    The helpless freighter immuhistochemically increase because hovercraft electronmicroscopically retire failing a coherent crayon. physical, blue-eyed steel

  • Adam Lavigne
    Adam Lavigne7 days ago

    Its crazy how bad it is it just seems like they all have money on the game

  • hi hi
    hi hi7 days ago

    there isnt a successful business model that exists that doesnt have some form of guideline for the employees to go by- if the refs have zero repurcussions for things it can get abused and people will not like that. Hence the customer base calling the phone lines freaking out saying theres a problem- but typical the higher ups cant hear it..at least not yet, silver needs to give these refs some sort of rules and guidelines to go by themselves, a required standards of performance thing.

  • hi hi
    hi hi7 days ago

    they should just start rolling the ball on the floor to the refs, pass it to them like theyre kids, ball just slowly rolling 6 seconds later gets to the ref and he has to bend down to pick it up, like theyre a baby you have to roll the ball to them or they might get hurt cause you passed it too forceful

  • Mufasa Biin Laden
    Mufasa Biin Laden7 days ago

    Player soon gonna get technicals for celebrating game winners

  • J worldboss
    J worldboss7 days ago

    80s referees

  • Momo
    Momo7 days ago

    as my grandpa would say.. GET SOME FUCKING BALLS!

  • SNGY bub
    SNGY bub7 days ago

    What the fuck happened to all these refs like🤣

  • 13MT
    13MT7 days ago

    Ur not allowed to have any emotion in this era 🤦‍♂️

  • Commodious Beats
    Commodious Beats7 days ago

    Yooo the fact they all turned at the same time and did the same movement tripped me tf out at 2:55 (keep playing it back from there) what in the freaky synchronization is going on here.