When 'The Next Michael Jordan' Came Face To Face With Michael Jordan


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  • Zow Fiber
    Zow Fiber11 hours ago

    The start sucks.. get to it.. fukking sux

  • Strange Brew
    Strange Brew13 hours ago

    late nite seeing this. beer. sandwhich. real entertainment. the world outside. much love.

  • m1
    m117 hours ago


  • VERBAL Kint
    VERBAL KintDay ago

    I can’t imagine what that feels like. Idolizing one person to the point where you’re compared to him by the masses only to have that very fact through no fault of his own, being crushed by the very person you idolized and fashioned your game after. Storybook

  • Kelley Eidem
    Kelley EidemDay ago

    Jabbar got mugged half the time he had the ball yet he is still the all time scoring leader.

  • cock the hammer
    cock the hammer2 days ago

    harold miner wasn't even a walmart version of jordan..he stunk...what a joke

  • Dr_Chad ThunderCock The 3rd
    Dr_Chad ThunderCock The 3rd3 days ago

    Can you imagine Jordan on the same PEDs that LeBron is on.. god damn

  • Layth Adrian
    Layth Adrian3 days ago

    I have so much more respect for Kobe after this clip. The only one to do an MJ move on MJ and not have his career destroyed.

  • Dumdadum76
    Dumdadum764 days ago

    Watch out Chuck Norris :P

  • M Frusciante
    M Frusciante7 days ago

    I've always said I think there'll be another Jordan like player. Someone with a similar dominance and fire. I think it's inevitable and just how nature works. Lot of guys have the physical tools MJ had, but it's the mindset, the brain thats rare. But eventually someone will come with a combination of tools and an absurd inner fire like MJ had. Thing about it is when/if he does happen, if someone who truly resembles Jordan comes, everyone will know it because that dude will stand out like a god.

  • M Frusciante
    M Frusciante7 days ago

    Yea I remember Miner, he was exciting at first, a real baller it seemed like(like how we viewed Kobe at first but Kobe lived up to the hype), but it quickly became apparent that he wasn't up to the hype. He was a phenomenal dunker tho I'll give him that. Ohhh 11:20 I forgot, Miner had this weird free throw ritual he did where he circled the ball around his body every shot lol like wtf

  • M Frusciante
    M Frusciante7 days ago

    Couple other notable "next mjs", latrell sprewell, Kendall gill.

  • Tamburavadak
    Tamburavadak7 days ago

    "...score the ball like a man possessed... by Michael Jordan."

  • Adrian Smółka
    Adrian Smółka8 days ago

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  • 1K Joogg
    1K Joogg8 days ago

    7:43 you can’t tell me that doesn’t look like Mike from the back

  • Gemar Cacas
    Gemar Cacas8 days ago

    Never heard!!!🤣🤣🤣

  • Lew Judah
    Lew Judah9 days ago

    Nobody has a closet full of harold minors🤣

  • Troy Hines
    Troy Hines9 days ago

    Lenny Cooke ...... does anyone remember him being compared to MJ !

  • SonOfLiberty
    SonOfLiberty9 days ago

    Grant Hill was the closest thing to Jordan before the injuries...prove me wrong...Harald was dope tho...and Vince was in a world of his own ..up there in the upper atmosphere

  • Mercedes Will
    Mercedes Will10 days ago

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  • Trappa Flame
    Trappa Flame10 days ago

    Julius erving first then Michael

  • Bob James
    Bob James11 days ago

    Ray Allen? Kevin Garnett? PLEASE...maybe in *your* mind LOL

  • Bob James

    Bob James

    10 days ago

    Most of the people on that list may have been *compared* to Jordan at one time or another based on one or two aspects of their games, but that’s totally different from being called “the next Jordan.” I mean...Mickaël Piétrus?? He played for my Orlando Magic and I never heard *anyone* call him “the next Jordan.” The same for KG and Ray Allen: great players whose games weren’t even similar to MJ’s. Kobe, Miner, G. Hill, LBJ, Penny Hardaway, and VC are the ones who literally carried the “next Jordan” moniker.

  • Natalie Boyd
    Natalie Boyd11 days ago

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  • Jacob Park
    Jacob Park12 days ago

    This is the "Goat since Jordan" video.

  • monolith geometry
    monolith geometry12 days ago

    Harold Miner makes a mean blizzard

  • dacobia-_-
    dacobia-_-12 days ago

    Lebron ain’t no next mj he’s himself he’s his own player his own brand of basketball same with now Kobe he has the game of mj and he did it just as good as mj so that’s why I say both of them aren’t the next mj I say lebron is no where near Jordan because he don’t even play like him 😂 Kobe played like him that’s why I still say it’s ok to have Kobe on there but her better be right next to mj or he should be his own list

  • Dean Raney
    Dean Raney12 days ago

    There can be only one

  • Dean Raney
    Dean Raney12 days ago

    11:15 ...Yeah.

    H-ZONE PH12 days ago


    CHRISTOPHER Bearce13 days ago

    Lebron is not beter than cobe , lebron recking ball played more like shack that can shoot

  • tubenachos
    tubenachos13 days ago

    Moral of the story: Nobody cared about Centers 😅

  • Sam Dickerson
    Sam Dickerson13 days ago

    Lebron ain’t like jordan. He’s better, but plays completely different

  • Estefania Gomez
    Estefania Gomez13 days ago

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  • Thiago
    Thiago14 days ago

    LeBron James should be on the third tier of your picture on generational talents, Kobe is much better than LeBron and the shouldn't be in the same tier

  • Michael Lagman
    Michael Lagman15 days ago

    Somewhere kohe is saying, hey i got the best of mj, his fans literally switched bandwagons when i died

  • The Jokers Grin
    The Jokers Grin15 days ago

    I'm a clipper fan yet if you think that Jordan was better than Kobe? You must be fucking tripping!

  • Anthony Llamas
    Anthony Llamas15 days ago

    Not sure If you will Ever see this comment Jimmy. But Thank You. Your voice, your vocabulary, and the way you tell stories actually got me hooked. I’ve NEVER cared for the NBA. But after watching Tons of your videos Religiously. I actually got into the game, and couldn’t be happier. I wish you had came into my life sooner. I will be forever grateful.

  • JxmyHighroller


    15 days ago

    Man, I seriously appreciate the kind words. Glad to hear you’re enjoying the content, thanks for tuning in brotha, much love!

  • Elias Ramirez
    Elias Ramirez15 days ago

    I hope miners doing well and living his best life

  • Jordan Felix Evancio
    Jordan Felix Evancio16 days ago

    no Penny Hardaway?

  • XOHedie
    XOHedie16 days ago

    Ai i feel like really craved his own path

  • Jokadok Gai
    Jokadok Gai16 days ago

    'It's baby Jordan with the Layup'🤣🤣🤣

  • Kenn Dean
    Kenn Dean16 days ago

    Not surprising. Even I couldn't defeat my bloodfather in basketball

  • Planet Bruno
    Planet Bruno16 days ago

    So if someone comes around doing 50pts average per game and 8 rings.... Would he be called the next Jordan or the next goat?

  • Vernon Powell
    Vernon Powell16 days ago

    Miner was a bum

  • caleb dickson
    caleb dickson17 days ago

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  • delvin hamilton
    delvin hamilton17 days ago

    Miner was the closest to Michael Jordan

  • Mid 30's Travellers
    Mid 30's Travellers17 days ago

    Because of era difference, players nowadays are cry babies when it comes to foul. These new generation players cant even compare to those golden days of basketball players where everyone would die just to get the ball on their side. Now, they will just ask a ref and voila the ball is back on their hands 😂😂😂

  • Brutcha Del Toro
    Brutcha Del Toro17 days ago

    Here in ph we have Jordan Taglog and Kobesaya.

  • Denver
    Denver18 days ago


    AYMEN SEID18 days ago

    How many times michale jordan was said in this vid answer:69 lol

  • Zyz zyz
    Zyz zyz18 days ago

    lebron too high on chart.

  • Jonas Aras
    Jonas Aras18 days ago

    Never heard of this guy. Waste of 14 minutes.

  • jamespanda 2000
    jamespanda 200018 days ago

    "Why'd you hurt him Michael, he's a MINOR!"

  • ajamico
    ajamico18 days ago

    I dont even like basketball... but I love this guys videos

    MR HERSHEYBAR18 days ago

    Great video 💯😎✌️

  • risto shikongo
    risto shikongo19 days ago

    I wish NBA could've restricted players from wearing number 23. And only players that are better than Michael Jordan are allowed wear it.

  • fepe
    fepe20 days ago

    Bias would’ve been one of the best or maybe surpass MJ himself. Sad that he took the wrong decision with drugs.

  • kobe Bryant
    kobe Bryant20 days ago


  • Stelios Kapet
    Stelios Kapet20 days ago

    Why on this tree you made at 3:15 you don’t have Leonard? He is the closest thing to MJ now.

  • jones jones
    jones jones20 days ago

    The eye test alone would tell you no. MJ had the best weight/strength ratio of any player I've ever seen. Everyone else looks like they're wearing ankle weights. MJ was just MADE better than everyone else. Plus, he was a killer. He took everything personal.

  • Uncle Tony
    Uncle Tony20 days ago

    so Jordan's career stats were better than his stats vs Miner?

  • jimmy Jam
    jimmy Jam20 days ago

    Grant Hill is the only one that showed he could have been Jordan but that is what makes Jordan so great. He remained healthy. Grant, after he got hurt became a good NBA player which says a lot.

  • akatsuki clan
    akatsuki clan20 days ago

    Not Kobe

  • The Borg
    The Borg20 days ago

    Actually... Kobe combined MJ and Hakeem, then threw in his own game. That's what set him apart.

  • Ron Browsing
    Ron Browsing21 day ago

    Kobe and Kawhi are copies

  • Omarr Phillips
    Omarr Phillips21 day ago

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  • The Techxtremist
    The Techxtremist21 day ago

    Not saying Kobe was MJ, but Kobe was the only one that truly lived up to the hype.

  • MrGallbladder
    MrGallbladder21 day ago

    I hate to use the word "toxic", because it's been misused so much lately, but basketball players' natural competitiveness has caused more talented players to go into oblivion than injuries or lack of talent. They really do eat their young.

  • Fig Ario

    Fig Ario

    19 days ago

    It’s a mentally tough game and you have to be tough to be in the crowd... these mfs are insane fr

  • Quixote TV
    Quixote TV22 days ago

    Even though theyre playing best of their skills, that doesnt mean theyre copying mike.

  • Indreees mo
    Indreees mo22 days ago

    Lebron still better ❤️

  • Brian Golden

    Brian Golden

    21 day ago


  • GBangz22 GuerillaFordTuff
    GBangz22 GuerillaFordTuff23 days ago

    Lmfao!!! Harold Minor had that pressure on him from the start and it wasn't fair...

  • Keaos0
    Keaos023 days ago

    According to Scottie Pippen, the 1996 Bulls team was the best team they ever had; they were torching everyone that year. The only reason why few people realize it is because of the NBA Lockout in 1996 shut down the league until April 97. Bad luck for Harold Minor.

  • Jojo Lubag
    Jojo Lubag24 days ago

    Enough of this "next michael jordan" shit. I want to know who's the next KOBE BRYANT?!!!

  • Kevin John Duerme
    Kevin John Duerme24 days ago

    Lavar Ball should have been the next MJ

  • Steve McIntyre
    Steve McIntyre25 days ago

    Ray Allen higher than D Rose and Rose has an MVP?

  • Anthony Novy
    Anthony Novy25 days ago

    Bad knees back then were a death sentence

  • madant22
    madant2225 days ago

    Ron Harper shouldn’t be compared to Jordan or if so he should be hire on the teir list. Ron Harper got 5 rings. Only because he led the Cavs in the 80’s they compare him and Jordan.

  • mQ
    mQ25 days ago

    Kobe played in the Jordan era and the LeBron era, and still killed it.

  • asdasd binaltia pa yan sa 24 oras 2007

    asdasd binaltia pa yan sa 24 oras 2007

    24 days ago

    Dude theyre out of their prime kobe had a chance to spent time on the court back in 1997, the east is going weak in the late 90's bcuz jordam and other east hof are in their mid 30's kobe was like 19 ...yeah he still prove that he's the future but i dont see him in the late 90's scored 40 ive seen mike score 50 in his rookie year damn... if kobe played in 80's and 90's he's career is not as a spectacular just like what we've seen from him... the changing of the rules help him to score more ... resoect to my idol kobe as well, stop being bias

  • Wes Steele
    Wes Steele25 days ago

    Larry Bird?

  • Chici Get The Yayo
    Chici Get The Yayo26 days ago

    The fact that everyone wanna be like Mike and everyone wanna compare players to Jordan, is just proof that MJ is the GOAT. 💯

  • Austin K
    Austin K26 days ago

    Jordan said, “I’m about to end this man’s whole career.”

  • Thunderman Dead End Scribes
    Thunderman Dead End Scribes26 days ago

    Nobody was compared to MJ like LBJ.

  • Frosty Warrior
    Frosty Warrior26 days ago

    Wait a GODDAMN minute!!! Who the fuck ever put Steph in that MJ race, they should be stomped out

  • Chris L
    Chris L26 days ago

    As a Bulls fan I definitely remember hoping that Derrick Rose was the heir apparent, unfortunately that didn't pan out.

    KING SISQO26 days ago

    “The next Micheal Jordan” when Micheal Jordan hadn’t yet retired. Micheal took that personal.

  • Spagett!
    Spagett!27 days ago

    People who make the comparisons were mostly the ones that NEVER played the game of basketball.

  • Bomber Thomson
    Bomber Thomson27 days ago

    I guess that next Michael Jordan crashed

  • Hize Rekt
    Hize Rekt28 days ago

    vince carter finally retired after 2000 seasons

  • ChopinLiszt lll
    ChopinLiszt lll28 days ago

    I mean he was just a rookie that year and if he didn't get injured or compared to Michael he probably would've ended having a better career ps: how did curry make it to the next Jordan club and not DeMar DeRozan

  • Chad Kroeger
    Chad Kroeger28 days ago

    Being called the "Next Micheal Jordan" would suck more than actually being good Because that's mainly what you'll be remembered for. You're never going to be your own player

  • Kevin Armes
    Kevin Armes28 days ago

    Boy that block at 8:52 was a statement.

  • cflasch75
    cflasch7528 days ago

    Lebron is better than Jordan

  • Brian Golden

    Brian Golden

    21 day ago

    2011 Dirk has something to say about that

  • Goldboy
    Goldboy29 days ago

    I wish we would stop trying to compare Michael to new players because in our all reality they'll never be another Michael it'd be like taking Michael out of the equation putting Kobe there or LeBron who will be the next LeBron Kobe we won't have another one because they're their own player they're all different Jordan was good at what he did LeBron's good at what he does and Kobe was good at what he did they're all different it's like comparing a a Chevy to a Ford it's like well they're they do different things better than the other but there's similar in the same way that they perform what their jobs meant to do

  • igamingpublic
    igamingpublic29 days ago

    imagine all of nba players wanna be MJ. his quote " stop it get help "

  • Joe Rice
    Joe RiceMonth ago

    Let’s be honest. The Next MJ was Kobe. They faced off and Kobe held his own.

  • Robii Hart
    Robii HartMonth ago


  • David K
    David KMonth ago

    Torched him for 10 huh?

  • Lee Cannon
    Lee CannonMonth ago

    He should have told people not to call him that

  • bloo Z
    bloo ZMonth ago

    The only person that has scored more points in a single game than kobe was Wilt Chamberlain holding 100pts but kobe did that 81 pt game and I witnessed that one so it means more to me than Chamberlain. Lol

  • Mann Holloway
    Mann HollowayMonth ago

    At least Minor won a slam dunk contest 🤷🤷🤷